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It's easy for us to tell you how great Dogs to Stay is, however why would anyone take our word for it?

We believe that the comments others make carry more weight so why not read what owners of some of guests
have to say?

As well as the comments below why not visit our facebook page to see what other owners have to say - it can be
seen here.

A Few Words From Our Clients

Kanto is Kiva's brother and is a regular guest at Dogs to Stay.  His first visit was for "a day or two" whilst his owners were busy introducing their first born into the world.  Kanto ended up staying with us for 3 days and 4 nights.  As Neil said a day or two after Kanto returned home;

"Just wondering what you've done with the real Kanto?  The dog you brought back is so calm and relaxed.  I think he's shattered after his holiday."


A few days after Kanto returned home one of Kiva's other siblings came to stay whilst his owners went on holiday.  Zack is now a regular guest at Dogs to Stay.

"Just a quick note to say a big thank you once again for looking after Zack and to let you know that he is settling back in nicely.  Missing Kiva and Mylo of course but OK"

Not content with having 3 dogs we though we would experiment and go for 6; Kiva's mum Sisko and sister Peppi, her brother Kanto and a Zinty, a German Spitz Klein.  They came with their owner who based herself with us in order to attend a show at Stoneleigh.

"Within minutes of arriving, my dogs (normally so devoted to me), were following Simon and Louise around the kitchen, hoping for yet another friendly tickle or looking to earn a treat.  My 'furkids' devotion to me seemed to shift immediately to them - I guess they knew which side their bread would be buttered for the next 24 hours!  I left them knowing full well that they were now part of Simon and Louise's 'fur family' - receiving as much love and attention as the resident dogs.  Even my little German Spitz Klein puppy felt immediately at home.  Whether playing in the garden, walking in the glorious countryside or being cuddled on the sofa, my dogs lapped it up.  I'd like to say they missed me ...... but I really don't think they did!"

Later that month we had the pleasure of Mary, another Lappy owner, staying with us whilst she attended a locally held seminar on judging.  She brought with her her Finnish Lapphund Ilo and Taki, a Cambodian Devil Dog (well that's what we called it)

"Huge thanks to Simon and Lou for allowing us to stay at the weekend!  You are fab hosts and the house is ideal for additional furry monsters as there are a number of separate areas to accommodate even the meanest of Asiatic hounds.

Simon (Dingo Doctor) did a very good job with Taki, and the dogs all got on well.  I shall have fond memories of playing "shall we go round the table with Mylo and pals..."


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