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Take your dog to a kennels and it will be fed and watered, given a roof over its head and be exercised.

Have it come to Dogs to Stay it will get all of that but it will also become a member of our fur-family & become part of our household. Your dog will be never left alone, will be given its own separate sleeping area,  if required, and be treated with the same degree of love & affection that we give our own dogs.



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Dog Boarding ~ You Can Come Too ~ Collection & Delivery ~ Activities ~ Doggy Day Care & Walking ~ House & Pet Sitting ~ Franchises

Dog Boarding

During their stay dogs will be treated as one of our own
(however if you specify your dog's walking, feeding and sleeping pattern etc., we will keep the routine the same).

They will be exercised regularly - normally across the rolling countryside that surrounds us.

Guest dogs will wear a Dogs to Stay ID tag

They will be fed the diet that you request
(guest dogs should have their own food provided by their owners).

They will have a constant supply of fresh water.

Any medication they might be on will be given as prescribed.

If requested they will be provided with their own sleeping quarters; either a crate in a separate room or kennel and outside run.

Two webcams mean that we, and you, are able to keep an eye on what the dogs are up to.

They will never be left unattended during the day and will accompany me if I have to leave the home.

And You Can Come Too

We have negotiated special Bed & Breakfast rates with the local pub, just 100 yards away - they will look after you, we will look after your dogs.

We are conveniently located for The NEC, Stoneleigh and Ryton on Dunsmore, three of the midland's major dog-show venues.

You will of course be welcomed into our home to spend time with your dog/s and you would become a part of our fur family,  as well as having the opportunity of meeting Kiva, Sassi and Mylo, our 3 Finnish Lapphunds.

Collection and Delivery

Arrangements can be made to collect your dog/s from your own home, or from a convenient half way point, and for them to be delivered back home after your return.


If their stay coincides with one of our regular mass Lappy walks your dog/s can accompany us for the day out (subject to your agreement) - there is no additional charge for this.

Doggy Daycare and Walking

Allow us to look after your dog during the day whilst you work or are on an appointment.

Drop him/her/them off with us from any time after 8.00 am and collect at any time up to 6.30 pm (4.00pm weekends).

We are also able to provide a dog walking service whereby we come to your home, collect you dog and take it out for walks.

House and Pet Sitting

We are in the process of compiling a register of suitable individuals to act as pet and house sitters.  They come to your home, look after your pet/s and your home whilst you are away.

We are currently able to provide this service in the South East and South Midlands.  If you are interested in taking advantage of this service please click here for further details.  If you are interested in becoming one of our sitters please click here.


Dogs to Stay is a unique business model that works.  If you are interested in finding out more please contact us now.  The start up costs are minimal, we charge an affordable annual licence fee and do not charge any commissions.  Dogs to Stay can offer both geographic and breed specific franchises so if you love dogs, are an experienced dog owner and either work from home or are at home all day a Dogs to Stay franchise could be a fabulous way for you to earn a living.


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