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Having eventually convinced my other half that sharing our lives with a dog was a good idea in August 2006 Mylo, our first Finnish Lapphund, came to live with us, (read his blog here), a year later Kiva, our second, joined him and in 2010 Sassi, Kiva's daughter became part of our pack. 

These 3 bundles of fun have changed our lives beyond measure, they bring us joy, have been responsible for us meeting new people and making new friends, they have made our lives complete.

They are also responsible for the setting up of Dogs to Stay as, what started out (selfishly if I am honest) as an opportunity to have even more dogs around me has now become a way of life.

So if you are in the position whereby you have to go away, on holiday or on business, you can be assured that your dog/s will be well cared for and loved at Dogs to Stay.

Don't forget to check out our facebook page for regular news, photos and videos, it can be found here.

May 2013

There's quite a bit been going on here at Dogs to Stay; Mylo, one of own dogs, has been taking part in a trial of a new dog food and I am delighted to be able to report that because of this he has lost 1.5kgs in the 16 weeks of the trial and has reached his target weight of 18kgs, you can find out more about this here.

In addition to Mylo's activity Lou and I have also been involved in a trial - ours has been to review a new tool, designed especially for homes with dogs, for use with Dyson cleaners.  You can read our review of he Tangle Free Turbine here.

March 2013

Busier than ever over Easter with a house fill of Lappies and a rather wonderful CockerPoo.  Why not check out our webcams at and to see what the furkids are up to or visit our facebook page here;

October 10 2012
We are now able to take bookings for dates from January 1st 2013, please see the rates page for prices and contact us by email for availability

August 17 2012

We are currently unable to accept any more bookings. 

It is hoped that we will be able to be open as usual in September

May 18th 2012

I am writing this the day before our next visitor arrives at Dogs to Stay.

I will be driving down to Heathrow Airport on Saturday (May 19) to collect Lecibsin Sametti (Summer) who will have just flown in from Finland.  Summer will be staying with us for the next 6 months before the next stage of her journey to her forever home in Australia where she will be part of the Caleebra pack living with fellow Lapphunds Dolce and Mischa and their hufamily Shareen and Glen.

We are incredibly flattered that Shareen has decided to entrust us with the responsibility of  caring for Summer in the formative 6 months of her life.  We have created a dedicated facebook page to record and share Summer's stay with us and it can be found here.

We have our very own facebook page here with links to the individual pages we create for each and every one of our guests.  We would also remind you that our webcams (yes, cams) are on line all of the time at Dogs to Stay allowing owners of dogs staying with us to see what their furkids are up to.  Our main cam is centred on the kitchen where dogs spend much of the time and can be found here - the second cam focuses on the garden where the dogs have the opportunity to enjoy the good weather (when we have any) and can be found here.



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